Welcome to the seventh annual Cincinnati’s Next Big Band contest.  Cincinnati’s Next Big Band is a music competition hosted at Rick’s Tavern & Grille, starting June 6th, 2018 to allow any garage band, weekend band, part-time band, full-time band, young band, old band to play in front of a live audience and compete for prizes.*

The object of the competition is to give those unknown bands an opportunity to get noticed and possibly start their careers. There is no age, genre, or geographical limit for the contest, so all band types can compete in front of the judges for an opportunity to be Cincinnati’s Next Big Band.

Cincinnati’s Next Big Band begins June 6th, 2019 and will run every Thursday evening after that for 8 weeks. (Including a semi-final & finals week) The contest is set up to allow 3 different bands play each night of the competition and are then critiqued by a 3 judge panel that will ultimately choose a winner each week. The winners are allowed to move into a semi-final/final playoff at the end of the competition. The final winner is given a paid weekend gig at Rick’s. This contest is being sponsored and supported by many well-known, local companies. We will also have 3 members from different local bands judging the contest.

Bands are allowed and even encouraged to bring their own props to help pump up the crowd and possibly influence the judges’ decision. Get crazy, rock out, jump around; your job is to not only play great music but put on a fantastic show for the audience.

* Bands cannot have an existing management contract (other rules & regulation apply)